52g Crazy In Love Snap Bar

52g Crazy In Love Snap Bar


Fragrance: A sweet fruity fragrance dominated by gojiberry, pomegranate, tropical pineapple and peach. Freshened with orange, lemon and the heart consists of a blend of florals and musky base notes.


Usage Options:  Simply snap off 1-2 sections of the bar and place it into your burner. We advise a 4 hour tea light to allow for the best scent throw, using a bigger tea light could cause the oil in the wax melt to burn quicker and reduce scent time.


Shipping: Royal Mail 2nd Class, 2-3 days delivery time. We do our best to ensure all packages are shipped out on time, however we have no control over royal mail delivery and could take slightly longer then expected during busier periods of the year.

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